Good Schools – Good Businesses – Good Communities.

Our organization is a proud supporter of Tusky Valley Schools.

Many of our members take part in the annual “Back to School Fair” held in late summer, offering their time, talents and products for area families. As students and families visit booths, lockers and classrooms, they pick up stickers and signatures which entitle them to a book bag filled with school supplies, donated by area businesses. Members donate anything from free haircuts and balloons to information on services available in the community.

Superintendent Mark Murphy, Barbara Scott and Mark Scott
Superintendent Mark Murphy, Barbara Scott and Mark Scott

Community Business Association earmarks $500 for the schools each year. In the past this amount was given as a scholarship to students based on grade point average and extra curricular activities, most notably that of community service.

Our members decided that a better use would be to distribute the funds directly to the superintendent to use as he sees fit for the betterment of student learning.